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I'm working on a site that could let you embed your Scratch profile on your website. You can test the beta here [DEAD LINK]. The "What I'm working on" doesn't work because of a problem... I asked a question about it on Stack Overflow, but some people replied, but I was so slow that they've... Continue Reading →

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Videos from a car race

Today I watched a car race. Here are my videos gathered in one.  

Why I still use Documents on iOS 11.

(This article is NOT SPONSORED.) Since iOS 11 was released, the Files app is supposed to gather all your files on your device and clouds. Just like Documents, you could say. But I think Documents is better since I’m not really using cloud storages. Here are my thoughts. Documents lets you save files directly from... Continue Reading →

Chemistry in Minecraft PE

I'm not a big video game fan, but recently I launched MCPE, started a world, and when I was in world options, there was "Education Edition" but I was not able to turn it on. Then, I did go back to the menu, then the world options and I turned on "Education Edition". It created... Continue Reading →

While typing "Locness GitHub" on google to find myself, I find another version of scratch with only users and projects pages at

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